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Whether you are looking for an interchangeable utility module given a specific purpose (like a cargo pod, robotic arm, sanitation station, etc.) or a mobility platform for transportation services, Ziiko Robotics provides purpose-built robots capable of highway speeds. Modules connect to platforms effortlessly with automotive-grade components that enable teleoperation and autonomous functionality. Talk to us about your specific use case.

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Autonomous Ready

Complete machine vision system with integrated surround-view ADAS sensors (Camera, Lidar, Radar, Sonar, IMU, GPS, IR). Includes a ruggedized and software-agnostic computation module with fail-safe architecture.

125 mile range

40kWh Li-ion battery with optimized Battery Management System. Cloud-connected for continuous diagnostics. Waterproof and impact-resistant enclosure. Includes all components to provide power for the module.

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Electric Propulsion

Electric motors coupled to compact digital controllers with 120hp and 350lbf-ft of torque. Includes ABS, ESP and TCS with regenerative braking and low-latency Drive-by-wire System for superior vehicle response.

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Active suspension

Double wishbone design with anti-roll geometry and integrated actuators. Full-time control of attitude and ground clearance for unparalleled collision avoidance. Intrinsic auto-level and auto-dock capability. 

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Vehicle Integration

Modular subframes for vehicles of any size. Lightweight materials minimize weight and increase capacity. Redundant components for fail-safe operation. Road bumps are converted to electricity for extended range.



Electro-autonomous mobility platform with 2,200lb cargo capacity and 30in loading height. Includes AWD with LSD and all-wheel steering systems, natively bi-directional with top speed of 55mph. Aluminum space frame chassis with quick-swap battery capable of continuous deployment for maximum uptime. Patent pending.

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Effective range of 125 miles

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Core Team

Yao Zhai

Yao Zhai

Co-founder and CPO

Product Director at Continental, HD mapping, telematics. In-depth experience with vehicle supply chain management. Embedded systems, software development, cloud services. 8 international patents in the area of smart mobility, autonomous driving.
Dante Zeviar

Dante Zeviar

Co-founder and CTO

Served as CTO of an award-winning electric vehicle startup at NASA Ames. Researched and prototyped high-current aluminum connectors for BMW. Built an automotive lab at Samsung and focused on hardware engineering. Developed mapping machines and scanned 200MM ft2 nationally for Walmart. Received patents in areas of machine vision, electric and autonomous vehicles.
Brent Shedd

Brent Shedd


20 years of strategy and marketing for cars, planes, motorcycles and ships. Technology experience in both hardware and software. Organizer of events in terrestrial and airborne autonomy. Experience in all forms of media and founder of multiple AI startups.
Adrian Koh

Adrian Koh


20 years experience in the automotive power semiconductors industry. Experienced in automotive power electronics and ADAS solutions for smart mobility. Patents in power semiconductors and intelligent transportation domain.